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Dear Friends of Eastside, 

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the arrival of the onset of summer here in the UK. 

As we settle into the Summer term, we’ve got some really exciting updates to share with you.


As you might remember, we hosted our first ever West End Fundraising Gala back in April. Thanks to the generosity of the evening’s guests and our supporters, we have surpassed the £50,000 milestone in our attempts to raise £1 million for our Lund Fund.

Our next milestone is to reach £100,000 by the end of 2023, so if you’re feeling generous, please consider donating to this cause, here. Thank you so much!

Check out our April Foolery event gallery.

April Foolery 2024 is officially now in planning –  so please save the date: April 22nd 2024. 


massive thank you and congratulations is due to our interns, Maggie and Diya, who joined us from King’s College London, as part of the King’s Civic Leadership Academy Programme. Maggie and Diya have been with us since February, and have both been invaluable additions to the Eastside team, as well as a pleasure to have in the office. We share extracts from their leaving testimonies below:

Maggie Wainwright – “One highlight has been writing an evaluation report for the second year of Spoken Word Power… The positive feedback has been overwhelming from all sides and the programme’s impact is clearly long-lasting. 

I look forward to following what Eastside does in the coming years and volunteering to help with future events. This organisation is truly incredible and the people who work here are one-of-a-kind– dedicated, brilliant, and passionate! I’m so grateful to Eastside for the opportunity to get involved with such meaningful work. I know that I will always want to keep creative education a part of my life!”  

Read Maggie’s full testimony here


Diya Nedeem – “After completing this placement, I have expanded my knowledge and learnt a number of useful skills, such as editing and copywriting, drafting agreements for individuals and corporates, fundraising, presenting and event planning. Moreover, this placement has given me the confidence to believe in myself and my ideas. I believe these skills are extremely transferable, which will benefit me no matter what my future holds… I hope to continue my relationship with Eastside, in any manner possible, as it has now become an integral part of shaping my future.” 

Read Diya’s full testimony here.

While we’re sad to see Maggie and Diya come to the end of their time with us, we are sure that brilliant things lie ahead for them both. 



Year 2 of the incredible SPOKEN WORD POWER programme 2022/2023 is nearing its conclusion. Printing of this year’s Anthology is well underway, with the publication date lying at the end of June. We are planning an exciting Book Launch on 29th June at our base in Shoreditch – get in touch if you wish to join us!

The Anthology is a culmination of poems written by young people across the UK, as part of our SPOKEN WORD POWER (SWP) programme, under the theme ‘The Places I’ll Go’. The Anthology will represent a gathering of the vibrant voices of a new generation of creative young people. Keep an eye out for this, I’m confident you’re going to want to get yourself a copy of this heartwarming poetry! 

Poems written by the young people of Manor School in Brent will be showcased in Willesden Green Tube Station between the 7th – 15th of June. This is a wonderful bonus for both the young people and for the SWP programme. Do let us know if you’re passing through the area and have a chance to enjoy the poems. 

To round off our SWP news, applications for SPOKEN WORD POWER 2023/24 applications are now open! 

We are thrilled to invite Primary, Secondary and SEND schools in select London boroughs to join SWP’s third year this September. Find out more about the application process. 


Young people across London have had a busy few weeks, exploring their chosen art forms led by Eastside’s Artists, as part of our Artists in Residence Programme.

Participating schools will be hosting their Creative Festivals next week, inviting peers, parents, and the wider community to witness the culmination of their projects, where students will be showcasing their work from throughout the residency. This week is sure to be a busy week of rehearsals for the young people. Read more about the programme. 


Thank you all for your ongoing support for Eastside, and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Matt and the Eastside team