Our Impact

2019/20 Impact statistics

At Eastside, impact comes both in the numbers of students we each and the quality of the engagement with them and their teachers. From half-day workshops that spark creativity or introduce a new art form, through to longer-term programmes that nurture young creative potential, we pride our selves on the depth and quality of our impact, as well as the diversity of the students we reach and the artists we engage with.

Eastside is proud to inspire thousands of children and young people each year through delivering outstanding creative and cultural participation opportunities across a range of art forms including singing, acting, dancing, filmmaking, visual arts, spoken word, carnival arts and many more.

2019-2020 was an outstanding year for Eastside in which our programme impacts have more than doubled since the previous year (2018/19). 
What Creative and Cultural Learning Programmes did we run and how many young people benefitted?

Eastside artists delivered 698 individual creative sessions to 10,450 children achieving attendance figures of 21,020 and over 1,600 hours of delivery 

What reach did the programmes have?

Our programmes had over 30 sharings, performances or screenings, reaching nearly 5,000 audience members, either in professional venues or delivered to audiences of parents and peers in school.

What films did we produce?

We created four new short fiction films with the BFI Film Academy and through the Eastside Film Crew programme, 15 short promotional films about our work and that of local businesses and London arts organisations, plus supported the creation of three independent mini-documentaries, and produced over 30 resource videos, written guides and interactive PDFs to support our programmes and more widely diffuse our creative engagement work.