BFI Script Writing Open Call

We are seeking scripts from young writers for Eastside’s 13th BFI Film Academy

We are seeking scripts from young writers for Eastside’s 13th BFI Film Academy.

Write a short script or a spoken word poem and have the chance for it to be made into a short film.

This year Eastside are accepting applications from 18-30 year olds – Successful Open Call short scripts or spoken word poems will receive feedback and development from a Script Supervisor and 3 will be selected to be produced. Crewed by Eastside’s BFI Film Academy, your scripts, if successful, will be screened to audiences in a Shoreditch Cinema in February 2024.

This year Eastside is turning 30 and is accepting open applications from 18 to 30-year-olds for film ideas – your monologue or spoken word poem could be made into a short film as part of the BFI Film Academy delivered by Eastside. We celebrate our 30th anniversary and as this is a big milestone we are looking forward to hearing your stories based on this theme

We are looking for scripts/spoken word poems based on the theme: Milestones

Your character could be discussing this topic or something completely different – we want you to interpret the themes and make the best story you can. Please remember that you can only have two on-screen characters in maximum two locations as our BFI film crews will only have 3-4 days to film. 

Please note the following CONDITIONS OF ENTRY:

Your script/poem must be 2 to 5 mins in length – this is max. 5 pages long written script. Your poem must not last longer than 5 minutes when spoken out loud. 

Your film should respond to the theme: Milestones.

Your idea needs to be feasible within these parameters:

  • If selected you must be available for conversations (via zoom) Late Sept/Oct to discuss your work.
  • If submitting a poem please consider sending a voice/screen recording of this as part of your application (and time the length of this). 
  • Students will be shooting in London in November with access to a studio space 
  • They have 3-4 days of production time
  • Max. 2 location
  • Max. 2 on-screen characters in any story but could show props or other objects
  • Your short story should be clear for an audience to follow
  • It’s ok to submit more than one idea but make sure it fits into these requirements 

We are really looking forward to receiving your entry. Please don’t hesitate to get back to us with any further questions on

Our BFI Screenwriting Open Call is now closed.

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Feel free to reach out to our team below with any other questions you might have, or give us a ring to speak to us in person, on 020 7033 2380.

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