Unlocking creative potential

Early Years Storytelling Workshop

Eastside exists to help young people develop their creative thinking, so that they are able to become the problem-solvers of tomorrow, empowered to build a better society.

We achieve this by engaging children and young people through direct participation in the arts, enabling them to work with professional artists and creative practitioners, both in and outside school, with a particular focus on areas in London where our help is needed most.


A future in which all children and young people’s creativity is unlocked, nurtured and celebrated


Eastside’s mission is to develop the creative thinking of children and young people across London through direct participation in the arts, culture and creative programmes.

We do this to nurture a new generation of confident, connected problem solvers equipped to build a better society.


  • Eastside values building positive relationships with each participating individual / organisation wishing to enable a deep engagement with our offer

  • Eastside values quality when it comes to the planning and delivery of cultural learning programmes

  • Eastside values diversity, inclusion and a collaborative way of working to ensure that all voices and contributions are heard
  • Eastside believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to become involved in creative activity no matter what their gender, race, social background or circumstances   

  • Eastside values creativity, believing that any problem can be solved creatively
Eastside Founders


In 1994, co-founders Chris Enticott and Rakhee Jasani launched Eastside with a production of Bugsy Malone. From New York’s Lower East-Side to one of the last surviving Royal Navy warships of the First World War to our current HQ in Shoreditch, Eastside has been on an incredible journey over the years since. Read all about it from Chris and Rakhee themselves by clicking here.