Friday April 19, 2019

project 50/50

looking at imbalance through the lens

For this year’s Eastside Summer in Film programme, we will be offering young people the chance to make a feature length film comprised of four short films which are threaded together to explore the theme of an imbalanced world.  This film camp entitled Project 50/50 will offer incredible opportunities to 40 young people, across four crews, aged 18 - 24, with an equal mix of gender and social/economic/underrepresented backgrounds.  We are looking for participants who have had some experience in creating short films, are excellent team players, and who are both creative and passionate about filmmaking.


Please note there will be a small participant fee of £25 for those accepted onto the programme, however there are full bursaries available.


the brief

The films will explore the idea of a world in which one “part” of society has been completely wiped out – in one film, it could be a world without men; in another, a world without emotion, in another a world without music, without social media, without spaghetti, without whatever!  We want to explore these worlds created as a result of such imbalance and decide how the stories can connect.


the process

There is a two stage recruitment process, with one course focussed on the screenwriters and the other focussed on the crews that will shoot their developed scripts.  If you are a young screenwriter with some experience either practical or via a higher education course, and want to apply then click through to screenwriters on the right hand side.  


Crew - we are looking for directors, cinematographers, first assistant directors, sound recordist/editors, editors and production designers.  If you have some experience in those roles, or are experienced in another role and want to develop your skill set in a different role, then please click through to film crew for how to apply.


our previous work

On the right you can click through to view the films from our course last year, A Summer in Film - Ignite Film Camp that were all entered into the 2017 Sundance Ignite Film Challenge.


Project 50/50 is generously supported by the BBFC




application links:


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