Changing World Festival

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Supported by Hackney Council’s Shoreditch and Hoxton Art Fund, Eastside is delivering its first ever Festival of Youth Creativity, entitled “Changing World” at Shoreditch Town Hall on 6th May 2020.

A day-long celebration of youth voice, the festival will bring together creative responses to the theme ‘Changing World’ developed by young people across Hackney and beyond.

A new piece of commissioned art created collaboratively with community groups and young people from the borough of Hackney will be unveiled at the festival. Through mapping, modelling and animation, the piece will explore how personal experiences can affect positive change for the future. 

The piece will be created by Syrup, an art and design platform established in 2016 by Emily Briselden-Waters and Grace Crannis, which creates experiences, work with communities and design installations with an interactive focus. Their work is driven by personal narrative of people, places & experiences.

The installation will be on display at Shoreditch Town Hall from 6 – 10 May 2020. 

Primary school teachers! Give your students a chance to feature in our Changing World art installation. 

Download our free Key Stage 2 lesson plan HERE to get your students creating their very own creative manifesto for a future world. 

Simply follow the instructions in the resource to send us your students work to be in with the chance to feature in the installation and visit the final art work in Shoreditch. 

Are you a school or young people’s agency working in the Hackney area?  Would you like the opportunity to get involved in Hackney’s first ever Festival of Youth Creativity?  

Get in touch with Liana, our Schools Engagement Coordinator below! We welcome ideas, performances, artworks, and all other creative contributions.

Photo Credit: Cesare De Giglio 

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