The Notion of Giving

Hello everyone,

At Eastside we have been thinking a lot recently about the notion of giving. There is a beautiful concept of putting something good into the world, safe in the belief that this simple act alone has purpose and meaning. It does something to us as individuals.  I think it makes us feel connected, it reminds us that our lives have a greater meaning than what we might experience on our own individualistic basis.  

‘Giving’ is a phrase that the charitable sector has to get its head around.  At a time when some of the most well known and familiar sources of funding support for charities seem to be heavily oversubscribed or even drying up, we charities need to feel confident about asking more people to help us so that we can do more of our essential work to help others.  

We hope that by encouraging more people to give to good causes, including our own, in whatever way shape or form that is, more people will become connected with each other and help to build a stronger and more resilient web of compassion and kindness in our society.

Over recent months, we have been so uplifted by the creativity and talent of the young people we have been working with.  Our Verse vs Verse primary school poetry slam at The Criterion Theatre was more powerful than ever.  

Young people aged 9-10, took to the West End stage and confidently delivered their own original poetic messages calling out to humanity to come together, to say no to knife crime, to put a stop to deforestation and environmental destruction, to build a future in which everyone can be happy no matter who they are or where they come from.  How fortunate we are to have these young ambassadors of change in the world!  

There’s too much work happening currently to tell you about everything, but I will finish by saying, Eastside is so pleased to be celebrating its 25th birthday with a special party at Perseverance Works.  We are excited to announce a new partnership with our neighbours TOWER London who will be co-hosting this party with us.  Big thanks to the team at Tower who are helping us out so much already.  

Please keep an eye on out for more details about our birthday party, but in the meantime, if you want to feel good about giving, here’s a way for you to take the plunge.Thank you so much!
– Matt