The big give christmas challenge

We are Eastside 

Help Eastside provide creative recovery workshops for the most disadvantaged young people 


This Christmas Season Eastside kindly requests your help to enrich and support thousands of disadvantaged young lives through running creative participation programmes, both in and outside school, led by professional artists and creative practitioners focussing on areas in London where our help is needed most.

The Covid 19 pandemic has dramatically disrupted life for school aged children and young people. Research shows that youth mental health conditions and anxiety are on the rise as a direct result of the pandemic. Young people are more nervous than ever about being in school and are feeling under pressure to make up for lost time – all of which adds further stress during these uncertain and challenging times.

Eastside will deliver a creative recovery programme focussed on improving the wellbeing and confidence of disadvantaged children and young people. We will provide safe, enjoyable, heartwarming creative activities delivered in school (or online), led by skilled artists and practitioners, enabling young people to creatively express themselves, building their confidence and wellbeing.


  • Teachers and Students will experience a SENSITIVE AND CREATIVE RETURN to school. Eastside’s creative recovery workshops will alleviate anxiety, bring enjoyment and fun to the school day for disadvantaged young people and teachers who have been navigating high levels of uncertainty and stress.
  • 2. Creative disciplines such as Filmmaking, animation, and creative writing workshops will FACILITATE CREATIVE EXPRESSION amongst young people, assisting each participating student’s personal recovery and giving them expressive tools to readjust to life at school.
  • 3. Workshops will provide teachers with SUPPORT / RESPITE as they navigate the safe return of their students. Teachers have been required to adjust and re-adjust their teaching practises dramatically. Having the support of trained Eastside artists will provide much needed additional help
  • 4. Through participation with the creative work, students will DEVELOP THEIR OWN INHERENT CREATIVITY AND CONFIDENCE, enriching their life skills and professional acumen thereby enabling them to adjust to school life better.
  • 5. Through participation with the creative workshops children and young people gain A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES sector – and may consider new career pathways and go on to access further vocational training



We aim to raise £4,000 as part of this challenge. 

 If we do not meet our target amount we will still be able to deliver a reduced number of creative recovery workshops to the most disadvantaged young people ensuring funds are still deployed for their intended purpose

If we exceed our target we will deliver an increased number of workshops reaching more disadvantaged children and young people.