Livestream Workshops

Scroll down for Livestream playback. 

  • To join the workshop simply click play on the videos below and the recorded  Livestream will begin.
  • Play along using our virtual padlet whiteboard HERE when prompted by the facilitators during the workshop to share your class’ ideas. Double click anywhere on the Padlet board to add a comment – no sign in needed!
  • Students must be able to move around the classroom and be allowed to work in pairs and small groups.   
  • This is an interactive and active workshop – please set up your classroom with the workshop stream playing at the front of the class and with the desks and chairs moved to the sides.
  • Please ensure your students have pencils/pens/paper to use.
  • A teacher should be active in the classroom at all times – we have several schools participating, and you will not have your camera on, so it’s your responsibility to ensure students behave appropriately and participate safely at all times.
  • You may be invited to add photos to the padlet board. Please remember Padlet is a public page and only share photos of students who you have permission for.
  • If you have any questions or issues joining the livestream, call us on 020 7033 2380, or email

Padlet link:

Watch Primary School Workshop Below:

Watch Secondary School Workshop Below: