Thursday July 18, 2019

world book day

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Join Eastside this March for our World Book Day celebrations!

From storytelling, Shakespeare and poetry battles, to illustration, dance stories and animation, all our Eastside workshops have been designed to get your whole school buzzing about literature and stories this March, as well as enhancing key personal and academic skills.


key stage one/early years

story adventures

Our interactive storytelling workshops provide an immersive and sensory story adventure led by our expert facilitators, igniting a love for literacy and teaching key skills like confidence, vocabulary and speaking & listening.


Stories include:

Where the Wild Things Are, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Monkey Puzzle and Whatever Next?



key stage two

Illustrating Ideas

Work with one of Eastside’s professional illustrators to teach your students what it takes to tell a story in pictures.  


Shakespeare Showcase

Introduce your class to the magic of Shakespeare. This drama workshop will explore the story, characters, setting and language of one of William Shakespeare’s key plays, in a fun and interactive way.


Plays include:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet & Macbeth


Poetry Battles

Let Eastside bring poetry alive for you school. Using Rap and Spoken Word Poetry, students will battle it out and learn that writing and performing poetry is fun!

Topics Include:

Shakespeare, World Book Day, World Poetry Day or a topic of your choice


Story Hunters

This drama and storytelling workshop will push your students’ imaginations to the limit! Using nothing but the objects in their classroom, your students will become detectives hunting for stories. Working in groups, they will develop their team work and imaginative skills to come up with their very own legends.


Imaginary Worlds and Words

Using a set text or topic as inspiration, this drama and storytelling workshop will give your students the imaginative and team work skills needed to create their very own story planet. They will explore characters and setting and even construct their own language!


Poetry Divers

Give your students the chance to dive into poetry with one of Eastside’s professional poets. Students will write their own poetry to explore a key topic, set text or theme through Spoken Word Poetry, and lean how to perform these to audiences.



Flash Fiction Masters

Give your students the chance to work alongside a professional author to write their own pieces of short fiction on a key topic or theme.


Shakespeare Poetry Battles

Unlock the magic of Shakespeare with this Rap and Spoken Word Poetry workshop. Students will discover the connection between William Shakespeare’s poetry and the music genre of rap, battling it out with their team and learning that writing and performing poetry is fun!


Dance Stories

Use dance to deepen your students’ understanding of literature this World Book Day. Your students will learn dance technique and develop their very own choreography in groups to represent a text of your choice.

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