Wednesday November 14, 2018

key stage two

Eastside's Key Stage Two workshops are designed to support the delivery of key curriculum topics and literacy, and are ideal for helping your school celebrate key dates in the school calendar. All the workshops listed below aim to help pupils develop confidence, teamwork and imaginative skills.


cultural detectives

Helping schools celebrate cultural diversity and honour key calendar dates like World Culture Day & Black History Month.


Anansi Adventure

Introduce your class to Anansi the Trickster and spark enthusiasm for traditional Ghanaian storytelling culture, whilst teaching key skills like confidence, teamwork and speaking & listening.


Bollywood Adventure

Step into a world of Hindu Gods and Goddesses with a Bollywood Dance adventure teaching pupils about the Legend of the Goddess Durga, whilst developing confidence, teamwork and movement skills.


Black History Heroes

Take your class on a journey through time to explore the lives of various key black figures including Mary Seacole, Nelson Mandela and many more. Choose from a variety of art forms, including drama, spoken word poetry, or illustration.


African Rhythms

Give students the chance to try African drumming and dance, building an appreciation of African cultural traditions, whilst developing rhythm and movement skills


imagination detectives

Creative workshops designed to enhance the curriculum with creativity.


Imaginary Words and Worlds

Create excitement for reading with these interactive drama and storytelling workshops deepening your pupils’ understanding of your class set text.


Illustration Detectives

Ignite imagination and understanding of characters through learning illustration techniques.


Spoken Word Detectives

Give pupils the chance to explore a key topic, set text or key theme through Spoken Word Poetry. Pupils will write their own poetry in groups and learn how to perform them to audiences.


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"I have definitely seen a huge improvement in Year 4's performance skills and general interest for writing and poetry, so a very big thank you for giving us this opportunity." - Kenmont Primary School



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