Wednesday July 17, 2019

hula hoop dance

hulahHula Hoop Dance

Hula Hoop Dance (or hooping) combines the energy of dance exercise with the pleasure and fun of play, inside a large weighted hoop. The bigger you are, the bigger the hoop should be; larger hoops will rotate slower, making getting started easier. Smaller hoops will rotate faster, which is more challenging, but also better for doing tricks and exercising. This dynamic workout strengthens abdominals, tones thighs, buttocks and arms and helps to increase flexibility and to develop balance and co-ordination. In addition to the cardiovascular physical benefits, hula hoop dance also allows participants to unleash their own creativity and style inside the hoop, build their confidence and relieve stress.


Project suitable for:
ks1 (5 - 8), ks2 (8 - 11), ks3 (11 - 14), ks4 (14 - 16), teenage, young adult