Thursday May 23, 2019

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innovation, inspiration and arts education


Eastside Educational Trust is a leader in the provision of arts education within London and has an enviable reputation for imaginative and high quality projects that raise young people's achievements across the board.


Our projects provide young people with opportunities to experience the arts through direct participation and under professional guidance. We support children taking their first steps in the arts, through to helping young people begin professional arts training as young adults. We are innovative and flexible in our approach to working with young people and tailor-make each of our projects to suit the unique needs and priorities of the participants. By working collaboratively with schools, colleges and youth groups, our aim is to bridge the gap between education and the arts and to motivate and inspire the future generation.


We believe that the arts provide powerful teaching tools that can readily engage young minds. Engaging children's interest has always been the key to Eastside's success, making projects relevant to young people, giving them a clear goal, and making the learning process interesting and above all, fun. We are committed to developing new ways of working which enhance the impact of our projects and workshops on everyone involved. We encourage children to work together and to learn from one another, giving them the opportunity to build on what they learn at school, to acquire new skills or simply to have fun and enjoy the arts and literature in London.  


Some of our current projects are featured below; if you would like to know more about any of our projects or workshops or would like to get involved with our work, please contact us.


current projects:                                                             

archived projects:                                       

a summer in film 2018 - project 50/50 adobe youth voices 
bfi film academy a summer in film 2017