Sunday August 18, 2019

eastside screenwriters

Adobe Foundation regional youth media leadership 

Eastside screenwriters is a summer programme which enables enthusiastic young writers aged 16 - 19 to gain the skills they need to create engaging and original film scripts. The course will lead participants through the process of turning a good idea into a great screenplay. Participants will understand what makes film scripts unique and will be given an insight into the practicalities of writing for screen and an insight into career options and opportunities.


The course, which runs over the period of a month, will enable participants to work individually or in pairs to create a 3 - 5 minute film. Participants will then have the opportunity to pitch their work to young filmmakers on the BFI Film Academy and the opportunity to have their scripts made into films!


In addition to the practical aspects of the course, participants will meet with industry professionals and gain an insight into working as a screenwriter for film and television, learning the skills required to succeed. If you are interested in the course, or know any young writers that would like to apply, you can download an application form here


The course is FREE but you must be available on all of the following dates:

  • Monday 25th July (10am -5pm)
  • Tuesday 26th July (10am -5pm)
  • Tuesday 2nd August (10am -5pm)
  • Tuesday 9th August (10am -5pm)
  • Tuesday 16th August  (10am -5pm) 

We are looking for enthusiastic and committed young writers who want to make their voice heard. We want to work with creative young people who will rise to the challenge of writing relevant and exciting scripts which will be redrafted and edited as they develop. You will learn about the UK film industry and become part of a strong, supportive group of creative young writers.


The workshops are supported by the Adobe Foundation’s regional youth media leadership program. Eastside is one of only three organisations worldwide to receive this grant and is providing young people with opportunities to develop their media skills.

Download Application Form

Deadline for applications is: Monday 27th June 2016