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be creative and get a qualification in the arts


Eastside Educational Trust is an official Arts Award Supporter, an Arts Award Centre and an Arts Award Good Practice Centre for 2013-2014. We are proud to have been running the Arts Award since it was launched in 2005. We were commissioned by Arts Council England to be the first Regional Agency for the Arts Award in London (2005-2007) and we embed the Arts Award into all our work. We offer young people the opportunity to achieve Arts Awards at Bronze, Silver and/or Gold level, we also offer Arts Award Discover and Explore to children taking part in our primary school workshops. We are delighted that Ciara, one of our top advisers was recently nominated and selected for an Inspiration Award by the young people she was advising.


discover and explore, bronze, silver and gold level 

Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification that supports young people aged between 11-25 to develop as artists and arts leaders. Administered by Arts Council England and Trinity Guildhall, Arts Award is offered at five levels four accredited (Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold) and one introductory (Discover).


The award is a personal learning programme that gives participants the opportunity to develop their creativity and leadership skills. Participants learn new skills in the arts and are able to share them developing their creativity, communication, planning, review, teamwork and leadership. As a young person you can achieve an Arts Award in any area of the arts from fashion to poetry, rapping to dancing and sculpture to film. You can be the creator or performer of your own work, or develop your skills in essential roles like marketing or stage management.


At all levels young people have the opportunity to:

  • Set an arts challenge drawing links between your participation and the professional arts
  • Go to live arts events
  • Research arts careers and meet creative arts professionals
  • Share your arts skills with others
  • Organise your own projects
  • Put together a portfolio in your own format


you can achieve an arts award with eastside

We offer young Londoners working independently towards either the Silver or Gold Award, the chance to participate in the Arts Award with us. If you are interested in taking part, please complete this simple application form and then email your answers to us at Eastside


arts awards supporter

If you would like some help completing part of your Arts Award, or to find exciting opportunities that you can take part in, Eastside may be able to help you. As an Arts Award Supporter, Eastside is well placed to assist young people (and their advisers) to achieve their Arts Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.


1. taking part

Eastside run a varied programme of creative arts projects, film-making workshops, local youth groups and summer schools, some of which are open to Arts Award students.


2. enjoying and appreciating

Eastside can enable Arts Award students to visit enjoy and appreciate some of the best entertainment on offer throughout the capital.


3. volunteering or work placements 

Eastside run a year-round programme of work placements and volunteering opportunities which are available to young people who have an interest and a passion for the arts.


4. meeting arts professionals

Eastside can arrange for Arts Award students to meet with actors, dancers, musicians, writers, poets, visual artists and film-makers. In addition, we can also arrange meetings with backstage crew, production staff, venue managers and those working professionally within the creative industries.


5. showcasing your work

Eastside's Studio can be used as a public space to exhibit or perform your work.


Eastside is an Arts Award Supporter and Good Practice Centre for 2013-2014.

Eastside is proud to announce that we have been selected as an official Arts Award Supporter and a Good Practice Centre for 2013-2014. For further information about how Eastside can support you to achieve this qualification, please contact us or telephone 020 7033 2380. 



For more information about the Arts Award check out the Arts Award website.




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