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changes to the AYv programme from september 2015

About the Adobe Youth Voices program

For nearly a decade, the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) program has brought together youth media practitioners, professionals and educators to teach digital media making skills to more than 200,000 youth in 60 countries. The programme has been delivered by committed educators who receive training from a network of project partners and as a result, thousands of youth have learned the ability to tell powerful stories of personal and social change through digital media. Through their participation in the programme students have honed skills of self-expression, ideation, collaboration, flexibility, and persistence - all critical skills required for the 21st century workforce and beyond. The success of AYV has made it clear that such experience needs to be available to any youth who wants it, and delivered in a way that responds to young people’s increasing need to connect, collaborate and share with others through their technology devices. In response to this need, Adobe will be building an online community where youth from around the world can gather to create movements of social change.


AYV Legacy program

In celebration of the achievements of AYV, in London and the South East we are running a program of Legacy workshops, to embed the learning from AYV and to support the transition for educators implementing media programming at their schools and colleges. The AYV Legacy program challenges educators to try something different building on the skills they have developed and to help them reshape their teaching and the students' learning experience. Industry professionals visited the participating schools and colleges to deliver workshops which supported the educators’ plans in ideas development, cinematography, directing and editing. One of the educators commented: “The project enabled our college to create links with media professionals building enthusiasm amongst staff & students... We went on an overnight shoot and it is something which we will hopefully be pursuing in the future to give students a more enriched experience at college.” Another comments: “The program has allowed me to train other teachers with what I have learned, thereby improving our delivery of the media curriculum.”


AYV Creative Educators

Three AYV Educators from the UK have been recognised as Creative Educators. This recognition is intended to honor educators’ investment in the AYV programme. Creative Educators receive Adobe Creative Cloud as a way to advance their students’ media practice beyond the current program. Congratulations to Andy Jones (St. Charles Catholic Sixth Form); Tom Misenti (Aldridge Community College) and Nurull Islam (Mile End Community Project).


Adobe Creativity Scholars

The AYV Scholarship program was developed to support the next generation of creative thinkers and propel the future careers of those who create. The scholarships provide financial support to students who have participated in the AYV program through the network of strategic partners. We are delighted that five young Londoners are currently recipients of the Adobe Creativity Scholarships. There studies include Screenwriting; Journalism and VFX and Animation.


Regional Youth Media Leadership

We are delighted to announce that Eastside has been selected to receive one of only three global regional youth media leadership grants. Our focus will be on developing Eastside as a youth media hub and as a centre of excellence for best practice. The grant will enable us to support young people take steps to gain the skills they require to succeed as filmmakers.


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