Thursday June 20, 2019



Interning at Eastside by Thea Medland

November has flown by at Eastside and we’ve been busy as ever. This month, I’m really pleased to hand the blog baton to Thea Medland who has spent the last eight weeks as an intern with us.


Not only has Thea thrown herself into supporting our programme workshops and activities, she has also authored a couple of excellent strategic papers including a draft social media strategy for Eastside – great work Thea, and good luck for the future – we will miss you!




Interning at Eastside by Thea Medland


I started my internship at Eastside at the beginning of October and I’m due to finish at the end of November. Whilst this might not seem like that long a time, I’ve definitely learned plenty!

Eastside’s vision of unlocking young people’s creativity is something I strongly feel attuned with. I currently study Drama, Applied Theatre and Education at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, a course which has taught me the importance of creative learning. This therefore meant that Eastside seemed like an appropriate placement for me!


Throughout October, I’ve had the chance to visit many schools across London, mostly visiting our Black History Month workshops. From African Dancing to Anansi Storytelling and more, I’ve seen a real range of cultural activities and been able to meet so many wonderful children that have benefitted from them! Taking part in these workshops has shown me the importance of representation in primary schools and how crucial it is to celebrate as many cultures as possible.  


More recently I’ve been able to visit our Disney Musicals in Schools workshops - and whilst my singing isn’t great, I embraced the Hakuna Matata and gave it my all with the Year 4’s at St Joseph’s school! I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in Eastside’s Verse vs Verse workshops that aim to help promote creativity in the classroom. I’ve been able to watch the process grow, from the teacher CPD training to then going to the schools and helping facilitate the workshops by leading warm ups for the pupils which was great fun.


My time at Eastside has taught me many invaluable lessons.  Practically, I’ve learnt many skills that will help me in the future for any job, even being able to send emails and answer the phone in a professional manner is something I had to learn right at the start! I’ve been able to pick up some great facilitation techniques and tricks from watching our Artists in action. And perhaps most importantly, I’ve been able to see the benefits that the arts have, not just for young people, but all of us. My favourite lesson from my time here has been summed up in a quote from a Year 2 student at St Mary’s Primary, who after taking part in an Anansi Storytelling workshop said ‘Even little things and little people can do big and good things’. This is something I will take away with my as I finish my degree and throughout the rest of my career.


Thank you to everybody at Eastside for having me and for all your help. It’s been a blast!

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