Sunday August 18, 2019



happy 2019!

Happy 2019 everyone! It’s great to be back at Eastside and launching into our 25th anniversary year. I hope you all feel refreshed and ready for another year of great creativity and wonderful cultural learning activities. I was delighted to kick off the year by recently accompanying a group of dedicated and creative friends from our teacher network to see a magical performance of TOTEM thanks to an offer of free tickets from our friends at Cirque du Soleil.

Watching the performance I was struck by the incredible strength, skill and commitment of each artist as they performed their acts.  I also noticed the extraordinary bonds of trust that existed between the artists and technicians on whom they relied to complete their death defying feats of daring, beauty and ingenuity.  It seems that no creative task is too challenging for these extraordinary artists. I know that here at Eastside’s base we are striving to embody that same spirit of building unshakeable bonds of trust with our young participants, our schools, our own extraordinary artists and partners, our community and friends.  This year is such a special year for Eastside and I am so excited to see just what we can all achieve together to deliver an unforgettable 25th anniversary and to build the strongest possible foundations for our next 25 years!


I am delighted to announce that we are launching new Eastside activities to deliver our best ever Creative Teacher CPD and to celebrate World Book Day, World Poetry Day and Shakespeare Week.  Please follow the links to book us in.


In the meantime, welcome back, please stay connected with us and see you soon,


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