Sunday August 18, 2019



BBFC helping to support emerging filmmakers

BBFC LogoWe are delighted to announce two exciting new programmes to celebrate the talents of up-and-coming young filmmakers; a mentoring programme targeted at emerging female filmmakers aiming to break into the film industry and “What Next?” a two-week intensive, summer school to help twenty young filmmakers to take their skills to the next level. Both programmes are supported by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

We will be launching our mentoring programme for emerging female filmmakers this summer. Women are currently hugely under-represented with the film industry: only fourteen percent of directors are women and twenty-six percent of total crews are made up of women. Our programme will support emerging young female filmmakers (age 16-20), by providing career focussed advice which will help them to bridge the gap between training and employment. This will include a range of workshops, led by women at different stages of their careers in the media industry and a six-month mentorship programme which will support participants in articulating their goals and helping them draw up an action plan, find work experience and to work out what training will serve them best in their future careers.

We will be celebrating the achievements of our mentors and mentees on International Women’s Day in March 2018.

What Next? is a two-week intensive, summer school for twenty young filmmakers supporting them to take their skills to the next level by immersing them in a challenge to create a short  five minute experimental film or documentary answering the question ‘What next?’ to submit to Sundance Film Festival’s Ignite challenge next year.


Our intensive two-week production challenge will launch with a series of masterclasses led by industry professionals, including storytelling and writing for the screen, led by leading screenwriters, cinematography from award-winning DOPs, direction, sound and editing. Participants will be given space to plan and access to broadcast quality filmmaking equipment and editing facilities. In addition to submitting their final piece to Sundance’s Ignite challenge, participants will be required to produce a distribution plan and to research how to ensure that their films are seen as widely as possible. Participants will be encouraged to use this as a practical way to develop their networking skills and broaden their contact base.


We will be publishing more information about the projects and how to apply mid-April - so watch this space for more details.


We feel certain that the young filmmakers we work with this summer will soon be making waves in the British film industry thanks to the support of the BBFC. 

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