Thursday July 18, 2019

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the latest eastside updates

july blog post

15 Jul 19
Hello everyone,At Eastside we have been thinking a lot recently about the ...

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Welcome Liana!

12 Jun 19
Hello everyone,   Filmmaking is a big part of what we do at Eastside and this year we have fully launched

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April 2019

27 Apr 19
Hello everyone, We are living in a world where everything is changing all of the time, even if it seems as if things are stuck, change is always on the horizon. Spring has burst through and with it a whole range of activities have been happening with young people in the vanguard. I have been heartened to witness the international impact that Greta Thunberg has catalysed through her words and actions. Greta was disturbed by what she heard from her school teacher about the human effects on climate. Thanks to her persistent efforts and the actions that she and many others who have supported her stance have taken Climate Change is back on the front pages of the newspapers and being discussed more widely across international communities.
  At Eastside we recognise that young people are growing up at a time when societal challenges seem all too pervasive.   This new ...

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welcome nandita!

14 Mar 19
Spring is on the way - it’s such a special time of year as we anticipate a proliferation of creativity with new life and colour bursting through the natural world. In the same vein, we are so pleased to welcome Nandita Lovage to the Eastside team who is joining us as our new Film and Digital Programme Manager. Nandita brings fresh skills and expertise to Eastside having worked in film, digital and broadcast media at the Roundhouse and Shakespeare’s Globe and we are excited that she has joined Eastside to spearhead our expansion into the realms of Film, TV and digital work with young people.
Related to this Nandita has just launched Eastside ...

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eastside's 25th anniversary

12 Feb 19
Hi everyone, I am really pleased to announce some very exciting news. Did you know Eastside celebrates its 25th anniversary this year? We have been thinking hard about how to mark this important milestone. It’s taken us many months to design, develop and deliver our big idea, and here it is…
We are proud to announce I know, I wish, I will … a ...

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happy 2019!

17 Jan 19
Happy 2019 everyone! It’s great to be back at Eastside and launching into our 25th anniversary year. I hope you all feel refreshed and ready for another year of great creativity and wonderful cultural learning activities. I was delighted to kick off the year by recently accompanying a group of dedicated and creative friends from our teacher network to see a magical performance of TOTEM thanks to an offer of free tickets from our friends at Cirque du Soleil.
Watching the performance I was struck by the incredible strength, skill and commitment of each artist as they performed their acts.  I ...

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Eastside's 12 Days of Christmas

13 Dec 18
Hello everyone, I hope you are well as we approach the end of 2018. Here at Eastside we have been reflecting on our year and want to share 12 top 2018 memories with you with a festive twist...
1 Fantastic feature length film, written, shot, edited and produced by 75 young ...

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Interning at Eastside by Thea Medland

28 Nov 18
November has flown by at Eastside and we’ve been busy as ever. This month, I’m really pleased to hand the blog baton to Thea Medland who has spent the last eight weeks as an intern with us.
  Not only has Thea thrown herself into supporting our programme workshops and activities, she has also authored a couple of excellent ...

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matt's trip to india

31 Oct 18
It’s been an incredible October at Eastside. I’ve recently returned from my first ever visit to India. I was privileged to represent Eastside at a series of meetings with International Partners including West Bengal Government, the British Council, Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kinetika and the Totally Thames Festival as part of my visit to the city of Kolkata, the cultural capital of India.
I was totally overwhelmed by the incredible vibrancy of the city at a time when 50 million visitors attended the annual Durga Puja festival.  ...

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Matt Lane Blog - Eastside News

08 Oct 18
It’s fun to be writing my first blog post for Eastside.  I’ve been CEO / Artistic Director since January 2017 and together with our 150 brilliant creative artists and practitioners, we’ve been working really hard to deliver our mission to develop the creative thinking of children and young people across London and beyond.
Firstly, we secured our core funding from the Arts Council 2018 – 2022 – thank you ACE for supporting us and believing in our work.  Soon ...

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