Unfortunately we had had to cancel the event – for our full statement and daily updates please click here.

We will be updating the FAQ below with more relevant information by Thursday 19th March


If you are aged 17 years and under, a parent or guardian will need to give permission for you to perform. The permissions required need to be completed and submitted on the Performer Registration Form.

  • If you are aged 15 years or under at the time of the event, you will require a chaperone for the event. 
  • If you are aged 16 or 17 at the time of the event, and you don’t bring a chaperone, a parent or guardian will need to give permission for you to perform at the event unaccompanied.  

The permissions required need to be completed submitted on the Performer Registration Form

No. The chaperone will be with the participant throughout the whole experience whilst you are at the Criterion Theatre and so will not require a ticket.  The Chaperone will need to arrive with the performer and will watch the show with the performer when they are not on stage.

No. Due to the large number of performers, we can only allow one chaperone per performer or performing group. 

Any additional people who are not chaperones, will need to purchase a ticket.

Yes. You will be allowed one guest ticket, though they will sit with you in the performers’ area in the theatre circle, not with the general audience.  They will need to arrive with you and you will need to supply their names via the Performer Registration Form.

Any additional guests, will need to purchase a ticket.

We ask that you are available at least one hour before the start time of your slot. We will contact you nearer the event with your exact arrival time.

It is unlikely that you will be able to perform, although we will do our best to get you on stage. Your poem may still be performed by a stand in reader. 

If you are struggling to afford your travel fare to London, and this is stopping you participating in the event, please contact Jemma Robinson knowwishwill@eastside.org.uk to discuss our limited number of travel bursaries.  We are fundraising for further bursaries, so if you would like to help someone else participate you can donate here.

Guests should purchase tickets prior to the event to avoid missing out on tickets. Please ensure they purchase tickets for your slot. 

Tickets can be purchased here.

Children under 5 years will not be admitted. If this proves to be a barrier to a family member watching you, please ask them to contact us by emailing Jemma Robinson on knowwishwill@eastside.org.uk

Please ensure you have memorised and practised your spoken word performance. Please work on your performance and get your poem to as high a standard as possible – we want to ensure it has the best impact.

You may want to look at our resource videos here for some tips.

There will be a person on the side of the stage to assist in prompting you should you require it… don’t worry, if you have never performed before nerves are normal and our team will be there to to support you on the day!

You will not need costumes to perform. We ask that you wear something comfortable and that best represents who you are. Please be yourselves.

There is a box you can complete on the performer registration form where you can detail these. If you have any worries about this or need to supply further information, please email Jemma Robinson on knowwishwill@eastside.org.uk

You will only be at the theatre for a maximum of 90 minutes. We ask that you only bring necessities with you as you will be sat in the auditorium before you go on stage, and will have to carry all your belongings with you. Water and light snacks will be provided.

Audiences will be permitted to photograph or film during the show. The event will be filmed and live streamed. All performers must give consent to be photographed or filmed – this can be done by completing and submitting your performer registration form.

Once you have performed your poem, you (and your Chaperone or guest where present) will be escorted off the stage by a member of the Eastside team, and shown to the auditorium where you can watch the rest of your slot. You will also be free to leave if you wish.

Your friends or family in the audience will only be able to leave at the end of the slot.