Our crews of aspiring filmmakers have worked with us from October to February developing four films. Through a series of workshops, masterclasses and practical sessions they have organised themselves into crews, planned, shot and edited their films and have evaluated their experience. We are proud to have screened their films at Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch recently.

Please click here to download the programme.

Yesterday’s Overcast is Today’s Storm

‘Yesterday’s Overcast is Today’s Storm’ centres on Ashea, a young aspiring writer pressured into writing a story that isn’t her own with a deadline crawling upon her like rising water as she journeys to find the beauty and power of nature as well as her mind, slipping between reality and her imagination to find peace and the answers, who is to say her imagination isn’t real..?

Writer Saoirse Byrn, Director Andrea Producer Natasha, Director of Photography Chidi, Sound and Lighting Operator Reggie, Editor Amy

The Sacrifice 

Evelyn, a single mother, reflects back on her relationship with her own mother causing her to re-examine the role of motherhood and the sacrifices that accompany it. This story is one of both sadness and growth as we follow her on her journey.

Writer Satra-Sia Sumana Kissoon, Director Charlotte, Producer Lena, Director of Photography Ella, Sound and Lighting Operator Edward, Editor Marcello 

Real Fairytale

A mysterious girl sits at a table to tell a story about four children. She takes out four handmade finger puppets to tell her tale, each one with their own story to tell. The film flashes between reality and fantasy, aligning the audience with the protagonist’s unstable mental state. Who is this girl, and is this story real?

Writer Mariia Brega, Director Jasmine, Producer Nadia, Director of Photography Essie, Sound and Lighting Operator Luca, Editor Masiy 

Open Mic at the ‘39

In ‘Open Mic’ we catch Henry, a man from a different time, right before a show in a club where someone special in his life is there in the crowd. His life has recently been flipped upside down so this performance will help him get back to normalcy. Who is he? Where is he from? *When* is he from? 

Writer Sam R.M. Geden, Director Mitchel, Producer Victoria, Director of Photography Emmanuel Sound and Lighting Operator Netanel Editor Alice

Eastside would like to thank:

David Alexander, Sarah Bick, Mo ALi, Phillip Lepherd, Stephen Elson, Ben Hecking, Ruth Sullivan, Mike Wornell, Mmoloki Chrystie, Jack Mead, Sophie Borrows, Nina Xyda, Frena Russom, Emma Ghafur, Rob Fawcett, Matt Kowalczuk, Naturella Mbokolo, Sara Maurelli, Nadia Ntege, Abby McCann, Michael Pitts and all the staff at the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch for hosting our screening.