What’s Included?

Check out what you can find on the platform this year below.

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week for Free with Eastside Online:

We’re delighted to be able to offer Eastside Online to schools for FREE this summer term, to help you cover important topics as part of Mental Health Awareness Week at a time when it has never been more important to do so.

Check out all of the amazing live and on-demand content we have for you to celebrate this May:

Livestream Workshops

Join other classes around the country to participate in an exciting live creative experience with Eastside facilitators. Our interactive 50-min workshop will be streamed live on YouTube to classrooms across the country, with Eastside’s Creative Writing and Drama facilitators taking your students through short, interactive tasks in a creative lesson. Schools are encouraged to add their ideas to the live online whiteboard and respond to other schools participating throughout.

Mental Health Awareness Day Livestreams
Join Eastside’s artists and hundreds of classes around the country to participate in an exciting live creative experience, using Drama & Poetry to explore important themes and celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week.
  • KS2: 13th May 2022, 11 – 11.50am – Join our Creative Facilitators Oli and Amber for Build a Mental Health Toolbox, an interactive Livestream workshop that will use Creative Writing & Drama to help students to build a toolbox of skills for identifying their own feelings and helping identify those of their friends. This event is streamed live via YouTube on 13th May at 11am.
  • KS3: 12th May 2022, 2 – 2.50pm – Join our Creative Facilitators Lerato and Daisy for The Formula of Me, an interactive Livestream workshop that will use Drama & Poetry to help students to recognise what’s positive about themselves to help us get out of the negative. This event is streamed live on YouTube on 12th May at 2pm.

On-Demand Video Workshops

Use our selection of pre-recorded Creative Wellbeing video workshops in your classroom at a time that suits you, designed to fit a 50-min lesson, led by our expert inspirational creative facilitators.

  • KS2 Poetry Writing for Wellbeing – Create two original poems through group and individual poetry writing exercises, exploring our emotions and the importance of self-care in everyday life.
  • KS2 Songwriting: Gratitude Attitude – Follow along in this singing and songwriting workshop with Joseph to learn how to have a positive mindset and be thankful for everyday things.
  • KS3 Poetry and Personal Strengths – Complete a range of poetry writing and performance activities to develop original spoken word poetry exploring our unique personal strengths and what it means to be emotionally strong.
  • KS3 Filmmaking for Resilience – Work with filmmaker Josh using tablets/phones to make short films to talk about emotion, develop strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and promote resilience

Other Content:

Our other Livestreams and Annual Teacher Networking & CPD Event may all have finished, but there is an exciting library of on-demand workshops still available this year at the click of a button whenever works for you:

On-Demand Video Workshops

Use our selection of pre-recorded video workshops in your classroom at a time that suits you, designed to fit a 50-min lesson, led by our expert inspirational creative facilitators.

Cultural Celebration:

  • KS2 Black Georgians – The St Giles Blackbirds  – Learn about the history and experiences of black Britons during the Georgian era through taking part in a series of interactive poetry writing activities with poet educator Remi.
  • KS2 Celebrating Women of Colour During Wartime – Take part in drama activities to learn about inspirational women of colour from history, Noor Inayat Khan and Mary Seacole, and to understand and celebrate their contribution to modern British society.
  • KS3 Celebrating Diverse Narratives – Devising Drama and Monologues:  Exploring the evolution of the term ‘Britishness’ through hearing oral histories of people who live in the UK, work with Gavin to write monologues and devise theatre from the perspective of someone coming to live in a new country.
  • KS3 Pass the Mic – Protest Podcasting: Learn about the power of protest and how it can be a positive force for good. With Deborah, students will explore a new way to protest by creating podcast segments discussing important aspects of protesting and how we can all get involved.

Words and Stories:

  • KS2 Story Seeds – Participate in interactive drama and storytelling activities to celebrate our love of books and explore characters and settings, to help grow story seeds into story ideas!
  • KS2 The Big Book of Everything – Dive into the Big Book of Everything to learn about different story genres and participate in interactive drama and creative writing tasks to write original stories to add to the story world!
  • KS3 Scrambled Stories – Use drama to imagine a world where book characters and narratives are confused, enhancing writing skills and oracy through creating character monologues.
  • KS3 New Future, New Stories – Take part in a series of creative writing tasks with writer Kes to practice writing for pleasure through creating original stories to ideas for a New Future.

Samples of our On-Demand Video Workshops:

Check out the below 1-minute taster video with Remi Graves, one of our Poet Educators.

Black Georgians: Poetry Writing About the St Giles Blackbirds