Kickstart application questions

Please note this page is just for information purposes.  You will need to download the original form to submit with your application.

Eastside Kickstart Application Questions.

This form will be downloaded and considered apart from your application and will be fully anonymous.  To allow us to do this, please write in here a code made of three numbers and a colour (eg 550purple) that you will also add to your online application:

Write your code here: 


  1. Please list out your A and AS levels, BTEC or other further education qualifications – subjects and grades/level.
  2. If applicable please list your university course and grade.
  3. Please list any other qualifications or achievements you think are relevant to this application (eg Arts Award, DoE, Music Grades, Other Awards, personal sporting, creative or volunteering achievement)

Personal statements:

        We want to find out a little more about you.  The first 3 questions are a chance for you to tell us a little bit about yourself. Don’t worry about what you think we want to hear – just answer the questions honestly and personally. For the final three questions do tie your answers in more specifically to Eastside and this role.

  1. Tell us about a time you have worked collaboratively on a personal, academic or professional project – what role did you play, what challenges do you face and how did you overcome them (max 250 words).
  2. What or who most inspires you personally and why (max 50 words).
  3. Which artform excites you the most and why (max 50 words).
  4. What interests you most about Eastside’s work and mission (max 50 words).
  5. Thinking of the role description and your own skills and experience, tell us why you are you the best person for this role (max 100 words).
  6. What are you looking to get out of this Kickstart experience and why do you feel you need it (max 50 words)