Young filmmakers have produced a powerful short film to showcase how young people are using the law to fight climate change. This video, funded by Adobe and commissioned in partnership with COP26 and beyond and Eastside, includes ground-breaking interviews with four young climate activists in the UK, Kenya, Nigeria and Australia.

Film contributors:

  • Jodie Bailey-Ho, Project Coordinator, Teach the Teacher / Mock COP

Young Filmmakers:


  • Isha Bashir
  • Venetia Latifah Dickson
  • Sheyla Justiniano Roca
  • Zayna Zubair



Do you want to use the law to make a difference to the climate? Here are just a few ideas you could think about! 

  1. Decide which legal issue you want to address and what change you want to see made.
  2. Decide what information you need to support a case for change. e.g. climate science; engineering and technology or public opinion. 
  3. Decide how to access information that will strengthen your case
  4. Think about who can help you advocate for change – explore which alliances you can make to strengthen your case and its impact.
  5. Explore who is likely to support you and think about who would oppose what you want, what their concerns are, and whether there is anything you can do to meet those concerns?
  6. Figure out who the decision makers are.  Explore how to make a case for change to them. Have you got specific ‘asks’ and backup material to support them?

Finally, plan and prepare, set out the story, the problem and the solution you are after. Make it a conversation not an argument. Ask for a specific commitment. Ensure accountability by publicising the meeting.

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