Friday December 15, 2017

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help us to work with more disadvantaged children

cash or cheque donations
We guarantee that 100% of all the donations we receive goes directly towards supporting disadvantaged children and their families through our projects - Rest assured that your money will be put to the very best use helping as many vulnerable children and young people as possible... Read More
credit card donations
You can choose to make a one-off donation by credit card or set up a regular gift by Direct Debit. Your donation could make a real difference to our work and will enable us to offer even more creative opportunities to disadvantaged young people and underprivileged families in London... Read More
donate (for free) as you shop online
Shop online using the Wishgenie shopping portal and for every item you purchase, the retailer will donate a percentage to Eastside. Whether you are shopping for your weekly groceries or a big ticket special item, you can make a donation to charity and it won’t cost you a thing... Read More
gift aid donations

Gift Aid can increase the value of your donation - for every £1 you donate to Eastside we will receive an additional 25p. All you need to do is complete a simple form and if you pay the higher rate of tax you can also claim money back which means that Gift Aid is good for us and for you... Read More
If you (or your company) are planning to hold a sponsored event in aid of charity, why not name Eastside Educational Trust as the beneficiary and donate the proceeds to help support our work with children and young people. We would be delighted if you would consider holding a sponsored activity or fundraising event, on our behalf... Read More
in-kind donations
Eastside Educational Trust is grateful to a great number of companies who donate much appreciated help in-kind. This may take the form of prizes for competitions or raffles, office equipment and stationery or donating professional services such as financial advice or legal services... Read More
volunteering with eastside
Eastside's highly acclaimed volunteer programme has been awarded the 'Investing In Volunteers' quality assurance standard and we offer a range of volunteering opportunities, work placements and internships to students, recent graduates, those embarking on a career in the arts and employees from local businesses... Read More
corporate social responsibility
Many businesses involve their staff in supporting charities within the local community and some encourage their employees to volunteer for community activities and also give them paid time off for this. As well as improving community relations, this can help motivate employees... Read More
payroll giving
Payroll Giving offers a simple way to reduce the cost to you of making regular gifts to UK charities. It allows you to make donations to charity directly from your pay packet. Simply ask your boss to deduct regular charitable donations from your gross pay before deducting tax... Read More
share donations
If you have received windfall shares which you would like to donate or if you are simply looking for a tax-efficient way of giving to charity, making a charitable gift of shares can be a highly effective way of supporting our work. In addition to the benefit to Eastside, by donating shares to charity there is no gain or loss for Capital Gains Tax purposes... Read More