Wednesday March 21, 2018

visual arts and crafts

animation and cartoon drawing
Cartoons and cartoon characters are great fun to draw but you can take your skills one step further by learning how to animate them. Our courses will introduce you to old fashioned animation using flipbooks and zoetropes so you can perfect your understanding of drawing technique and learn how to create short simple narratives. You can then progress onto learning how to apply these skills to more sophisticated forms of animation including stop-motion animation and computer programmes.

Project suitable for:
ks2 (8 - 11), ks3 (11 - 14), ks4 (14 - 16), teenage, young adult.
art curators (galleries and museums)
This workshop offers you the opportunity to work in partnership with professional gallery and museum curators to help develop younger audiences for cultural institutions. You will explore the whole process of curating an exhibition, from initial discussions on themes and concepts to programming, interpretation, marketing and designing publicity to the actual hanging of the selected works.You will also mount a public exhibition of your own art work, photography, sculpture or textiles and gain hands on experience in event management.

Project suitable for:
ks3 (11 - 14), ks4 (14 - 16), teenage, young adult
art introduction
Art introduction gives you the chance to learn the basics of art and different materials and techniques that are widely used. The course can be made up of different topics which link to your interests and can include both 2D and 3D art. Starting with basics including drawing with charcoal and pastels you will be led through an understanding of colour and technique and move onto exploring sculpture and installation.

Project suitable for:
ks1 (5 - 8), ks2 (8 - 11), ks3 (11 - 14), ks4 (14 - 16), teenage, young adult
art portfolio
A course which is perfect for enthusiastic young artists who would like to put a portfolio together to showcase their skills. You will work with a professional artist experienced in putting together portfolios. This is a great way to prepare for art college or a foundation course.

Project suitable for:
teenage, young adults.
artists in residence
Having an artist in residence gives you the chance to experiment with your creativity. An artist in residence can inspire the whole school community to respond imaginatively to an artistic challenge.

Project suitable for:
ks1 (5 - 8), ks2 (8 - 11), ks3 (11 - 14), ks4 (14 - 16), teenage, young adult

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