Monday May 21, 2018

verse vs verse

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Eastside is delighted to announce that the Verse vs Verse project will be continuing in 2017-2020 thanks to continued generous support from the John Lyon's Charity.


We have now recruited schools for the 2017-2020 programme. If you are interested in future programmes, please download see this year's information pack here.



Verse vs Verse 2017-2020


'Verse vs Verse' is a creative literacy programme for 500 children from primary schools across Central, North and West London. Launched in September 2014, Verse vs Verse takes children on a 3-year journey of discovery. In Autumn each year, children broaden their reading, using drama as a way to explore a range of different books and spend time getting to know different characters, places and stories. In the Spring, the children use this inspiration to develop their writing skills and in the Summer term the participants combine their skills by writing spoken word pieces.


The project culminates annually with an intensive period of activity, where the children will write and revise their work, coach each other and prepare for a poetry slam, under the guidance of London’s leading performance poets and spoken word artists. At the slam, small teams of up to three pupils will stand in front of their peers and perform their own poetry, using voice and gesture to bring their words to life.


Verse vs Verse is not about the mechanics of reading and writing, but rather about helping children to access the magic found in books. We know that discovering this magic will help the children we are working with to unlock their potential and achieve more in their academic studies.  


Each year the children deepen their knowledge and interest in literature by working under the guidance of creative practitioners, writers, publishers and spoken word artists. A key to the success of the project is the enthusiastic involvement of teachers. Every year we work closely with the teachers at our 9 schools, they participate in INSETs which give them an insight into the different approaches we are taking through the year to bring literature to life. We work closely with our teachers modifying the workshops week by week responding to how the students are developing.  

Verse vs Verse is generously supported by John Lyon’s Charity.


Verse vs Verse - participating schools


Sudbury Primary School (Brent)

The Village School (Brent)

Oakington Manor Primary School (Brent)

Hobbayne Primary School (Ealing)

Kenmont Primary School (Hammersmith & Fulham)

Wendell Park Primary School (Hammersmith & Fulham)

St John Fisher RC Primary School (Harrow)

Norbury Primary School (Harrow)



Verse vs Verse - Poetry Slam





Verse vs Verse - Participants' Feedback