Wednesday March 21, 2018

music and singing

choral singing / school choir
Singing workshops are a great way to bring people together and singing in a group or choir can add a social dimension and the opportunity to make new friends. A wide range of music can be explored through choral singing and choirs. Our singing workshops draw on the experience of a variety of professionally trained singers from traditional and contemporary backgrounds. These include styles from jazz, folk, gospel, soul, pop, rock and contemporary music through to classical, operatic and songs from West End musicals. A school choir can provide great entertainment at public events, school productions or open evenings.

Project suitable for:
ks1 (5 - 8), ks2 (8 - 11), ks3 (11 - 14), ks4 (14 - 16), teenage, young adult
Future spin masters can learn about the wheels of steel and the history of DJ-ing from some of London’s hottest professional DJ’s and MC’s. You will create your own monikers and get practical experience of using sound equipment, beat-mixing and scratching using vinyl or CD’s and advice on how to DJ for a living.

Project suitable for:
ks4 (14 - 16), teenage, young adult
glee club
A glee club is a musical group or choir group, historically of male voices but also of female or mixed voices, which traditionally specializes in the singing of short songs—glees—by trios or quartets. Made popular by the television series, Glee clubs are found in most American High Schools. The tradition started in London, however, and you have the chance to remake Glee club for the 21st century reinterpreting your favourite songs with movement.

Project suitable for:
ks3, ks4
junk orchestra (from recycled materials)
Anything can become part of a junk orchestra. Gather your materials from what you might think of as rubbish - old bicycle wheels, empty tins of baked beans, toys and games you've got bored of and give them a whole new lease of life. You'll make your instruments and then with your friends compose original tunes to play inspired by world rhythms. You'll learn a lot about composition, orchestration and how to make international sounds whilst having a lot of fun.

Project suitable for:
ks2, ks3
music appreciation
Why not start up your own music appreciation club to share your favourite live bands, CDs or music downloads with your friends? At meetings, you can present or introduce a selection of recorded music and background information on the composers and musicians involved. Not everyone makes a presentation and some just come along for the enjoyment of listening and hearing new music. All types of music can be featured from classical to pop.

Project suitable for:
ks3 (11 - 14), ks4 (14 - 16), teenage, young adult

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