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Translingual_Express_EastsideTrans-lingual Express

Trans-lingual Express is a modern foreign language project designed to bring the magic of film and the moving image into the languages classroom. The project enables young people to create short documentaries in their target language and to exchange their films with their peers abroad. Combining technology with the chance to tell stories, the project provides inspiration for even the most reticent language learners by reminding them that language learning is about communicating their passions and having fun.


Trans-lingual Express was awarded the 2008 European Award for Languages, presented by Sir Trevor Macdonald, as the project offers young people a relevant and exciting way to explore a number of topics and themes required by the curriculum as well as broadening their vocabulary and revising grammatical structures. Eastside Educational Trust developed Trans-lingual Express in response to the decline in pupils studying languages beyond the age of 14. The project works equally well with KS 3, 4 and 5 with appropriate modifications. At its heart, Trans-lingual Express is about motivating students to want to learn foreign languages and supporting a growing cultural understanding, as they think about what matters to them and what they have in common with their peers abroad. Our original project was piloted with Grey Coat Hospital School and involved young people from London as well as Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Rome.


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