Monday May 21, 2018

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Translation_Nation_EastsideTranslation Nation

'Translation Nation' inspires primary school children to explore literary translation and develop an appetite for international storytelling and a curiosity about world literature. Working in small groups under the guidance of literary translators, children translate stories that their parents have shared with them from their home languages into clear, vivid English. The process introduces the children to literary fiction and by including music and performance, children find it easy to become engaged and the workshops encourage a more thoughtful, confident, nuanced and imaginative approach to writing in English.


Translation Nation is a celebration of the languages spoken in Primary schools in England. By sharing their languages with their peers, students become fascinated by the different worlds that language can create and develop a respect for those with linguistic ability. Parents are able to find new ground on which to communicate with their children and build a bridge between their childhood and their child’s. Schools are able to offer parents different ways of becoming involved within the school community and teachers become inspired to adopt more creative ways to engage with their students.


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