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trans-lingual express


Trans-lingual Express

Trans-lingual Express is a Europe-wide language learning project and international exchange programme, linking young people in London with their peers in France, Germany, Spain and Italy through the medium of film-making. Trans-lingual Express won the 2008 European Award for Languages - presented by Sir Trevor McDonald - for the project's contribution to innovative approaches to language learning. Eastside also received the Italian Embassy Language Prize for the best project involving Italian. Sixth-form students from London participate in week long intensive bi-lingual workshops to learn the basic fundamentals of documentary film-making, working in French, German, Spanish or Italian with bi-lingual professional film-makers. Participants have the opportunity to make short films in their second language which are then exchanged with students overseas who are also making films, but in English. The films explore the young people's experiences of culture in their own capital cities and provide valuable insights into the lives of their European participants. Similarly, the films made in this country accurately reflect teenage life in London today. Students are given very broad themes such as 24-hoursFashionSounds of the CityFoodTransport and Creativity as starting points for their films and are encouraged to take a creative approach towards exploring the themes. This has resulted in some very varied and interesting short films (see below). On the European Day of Languages 2007, we premièred the films made by young people in London, Paris and Berlin at the British Film Institute (BFI) on London's Southbank and we welcomed our young film makers from Paris and Berlin to London for the screening. On the European Day of Languages 2008, we did the same thing, but with students from Madrid and Rome who came to London to watch their films alongside their English peers. The film premières were followed by workshops in which the students could practice their language skills together. The project was set up in response to the dramatic decline in young people choosing to continue to study languages from the age of fourteen. Although we have now completed filming across Europe, Trans-lingual Express has not yet reached its final destination - we are currently creating an educational resource to support Modern Foreign Language teaching. The resource will be available from April 2010 onwards. If you would like a free copy of our Trans-lingual Express resource pack or be involved in our dissemination events, please contact us

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