Monday May 21, 2018



Verse Vs Verse 2016 Autumn Term Update

Our flagship literacy and spoken word project Verse vs Verse is now entering its third and final year and we are halfway through the autumn term workshops. Over the lifetime of the project we have been working with the same set of children in 16 classes from 9 schools across North and West London, using innovative approaches to learning to engage them with reading, performance poetry and literacy more widely.

This year we have two new areas of focus for the autumn and spring terms, namely writing monologues for performance and reading for pleasure.  Our facilitators have been having a great time teaching them approaches to composition and the secrets of how to grab the audience's attention.  Themes have ranged across the whole specturm, from Shakespeare and the Classics, through Dickens, World War 2 and current social issues to freefrom creative writing.


The Eastside team have been out visiting the projects and have been really impressed with the quality of the ideas, the brilliant use of language and the capitvating performance skills.  We have loved seeing the confidence and abilitiy of the groups develop over the project and we reckon we are in for a pretty special time at this year's Poetry Slam.  


More information about Verse vs Verse can be found on the project page here.

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