Monday May 21, 2018



BFI Film Academy 2016

As the end of the year draws near so does the first half of this year's BFI Film Academy. Since the middle of October we have been working with a new set of 25 16-19 year olds from all across London. They come from a super diverse set of backgrounds but the one thing they all share is a passion for film.

After a few group exercises and a general overview of the principles of film-making, they launched right into an intensive set of theoretical and practical workhsops and seminars that gave them a grounding in all areas of film.  From screenwriting to sound design, through producing, casting, lighting, editing and distribution the energy and enthusiasm to learn they brought to each session really impressed the industry experts.


Once the study was done, it was time to put it into practise.  Having chosen one of the scripts produced by our Adobe Screenwriters course over the summer, they went out and about across London with their professional mentors to find the perfect locations to shoot and then.... Action!  Two exciting, challenging and rewarding days later, all the footage was in the can and it was back to Eastside to splice it all together.  The final films are now completed and all the students are looking forward to our red carpet screening event at Rich Mix in January.


But the work isn't all over yet.  Each student is working hard on the blogs they have been writing about their progress and they will spend the next three months reflecting on what they learnt and broadening their artistic horizons through attending various talks or events as part of thier work towards a Silver Arts Award.


The BFI Film Academy is always one of the most exciting times of year for us, and this year was no exception.  We have loved seeing the students progress and grow, and cannot wait to see their films up on the big screen, and more importantly see how they progress in the industry over the coming years.



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